Lets talk about Taurus

Taurus is the second sign of zodiac. Its an Earthy Sign and is a fixed sign. Its ruled by Planet Venus who is god beauty and love. People with Taurus Moonsign are generally beautiful and admire beauty. They are the people with fixed approach and principles and do not like changes in their routine and life. They are very earthy and practical. Are good in business and financial matters. They are good managers, bankers, finance heads. They love luxury, perfumes, beautiful cars, beautiful homes and loves to be surrounded by nature. Tarus sign is of a bull… So usually they are quite but if you will irritate them then you know the result. They look simple but have deep thoughts inside. They love white color and green also. They are quite honest and love honest people. Theyhave broad face and prominent eyes. They are sensous also and gets attracted towards opposite sex and does not hide their feelings. They are loyal and stick to their relations. I hope you are loving the information I am sharing. Reach me for predictions at #8826055760


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