Finally its the Turn of Versatile Geminies …

Most Versatile, Adapatable, Communicators, Quick to appear… quick to vanish, Geminies are still the hearthrobs

Gemini is a dual sign with the symbol of twins. Its an Airy Sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury which is a prince in Vedic Astrology. So the people with Gemini as Ascendant or Moon Sign are the people who wish to remain young forever, they are energetic and best communicators.

They have dual personalities and have multiple shades and they are honest too but it is purely a chance or luck that which shade of their personality has come in front of you.

They are the lifeline of the parties, they are the centre of attraction in gatherings. You will be finding them sitting on one table and discussing politics a moment and very next moment you will find them dancing on the dance floor. They are versatile people with intellegence and wish to learn and know everything in life.

They are best communicators,they are good in finance,they are good orators too.

They belong to the fields of PR, Media, Television, Anchors, Astrologers, Thinkers, Philosophers, Bankers too….generally marketing field.

They cannot remain at one place for long, they are the travellers rather wanderers ….. They are highly intellegent sharp and quick. They are inquisitors.

So Geminies now you know why you are always surrounded by people and others if you have Gemini friend you know why are they your best friends.

They will appear at once and may vanish from your life very next moment…. But you never know when they will appear again. They will keep surprising you.

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