Lets talk about Emotional Cancerians

Cancer is the fourth sign of zodiac which is ruled by planet Moon. It is a watery sign and is a movable sign.

People who are born with Cancer Ascendant or Moon Sign are very emotional in nature. They are very soft spoken and have a very down to earth attitude in life. They always carry a smile on their face and have a pleasant personality. These people are generally governed by their heart than their brain. They love travelling and exlpore the world.

Moon which is their ruling planet,makes them really emotional and is the reason for their mood swings. Moon rules the fourth house of the narural zodiac and this is why Cancerians are very attached to their families, their mother, their home and domestic life. They care for the people around them.

They love beautiful homes, they love to remain close to water bodies, they have mood swings tendencies and are very very emotional. They are incredibly intutive and can read people very well. They are quite personal people and takes time to open up. They make passionate lovers and are very caring towards their partners.

They are focused towards their work and always inclined to achieve best for their family.

I hope you find this information worth reading. Leave your comments below ….

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