Leo, the King of Zodiac

Leo, as you all know is the fifth sign of the zodiac and its symbol is of a Lion. Leo is a fixed and a fiery sign which rules the fifth house of the natural zodiac.

Leo is ruled by planet Sun which symbolises King and belongs to royal family as per the vedic astrology.

Let me remind you here that the people with Leo Sunsign or Leo Moon sign can focus on the mental and emotional characteristics of Leo and the people who are having Leo as their ascendent should focus on the physical characteristics mentioned here.

Leo is fearless, honest, extrovert, free to share his view, has dominance, is a born leader, he is trustworthy and is really protective for the people around him.

He loves luxury and generally has the taste for good things in life like food, clothes, maintains a good lifestyle, is centre of attraction and always wish to remian in limelight.

He being the king is suppose to manage the show with subordinates so you will always find them on higher positions and they really cannot work as subordinates so they may have a bit of issues with their own bosses. They are born to dominate. They love to be surrounded by nature, they are aggressive to but they will only react if you irritate them.

They are loyal to their people, they care for their lovedones and are really ptotective too but being fixed sign they have some fixed rules and ideology, it is difficult for them to compromise on their ideology , and is really more difficult to make them move from their ideas about life. They need their own space and they hate encrochment on their authority or space.

These people have broad face, less hair, sharp piercing eyes, walks slowly, attacks fearlessly and at times are lazy too.

So if you have found someone like this who dominates and still steals the show you may find them as a Leo person.


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