Scorpions ….. This is all about you

The Eigth Sign amongst the zodiac Scorpio owns the 8th House of Kal Purush Kundali, owned by planet Mars and is the fixed & watery sign. Scorpians are of fixed principles and rules in their life, they love to remain alone or in secrecy. They are very perosnal and private about their life,does not like much action but are quick and sharp when really needed to act. These people are not that social in life but are passionate in their love life. They are shy in nature and generally hide their mischieves behind their smile. They love dark places surrounded by water. They love to remain mainly in their homes. These people are shy but the people they open up with, they are really talkative. Scorpions are generaly harmless as they are totally engrosed in their life only but once they are agitated then they could be very very dangerous as they will hit their prey when he will be totally unaware of the attack. They are strategists in their approach. They are the people who are interested in the detail of everything and would go to the bottom of each matter in their life. Scorpions are passionate, hardworking, focused, shy, calm and dangerous at the same time. Will share much more insights soon 😘 Reach me at #8826055760 for your astrological predictions.


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