No need to be frightened with the Lunar Eclipse

The Space Enthusiasts, the Astrologers, the seekers, all are excited to become the witness of the Century’s longest total Lunar Eclipse, ”Purn Chandra Grahan” to night which would start at 11.44 pm and will last at 4.58 am on Saturday.

There have been lots of myths attached to Lunar Eclipse from ages, but due to the advancement in science and modern thinkers of Vedic Astrology & Astronomy, we all know that it is purely a physical phenomenon of nature where Moon is going to come under the shadow of Earth.

Being your astrologer and guide, I wish to share my belief and dispel your misconceptions related to the Lunar Eclipse that it causes various troubles and negativity in lives.  There is no such need to be frightened with this astronomical happening.

It is going to be a very exciting spectacle of the space, kindly watch it, and if possible meditate with Moon with the mantra Om or “Om Somyay Namah”. Only pregnant woman’s should avoid it and remain inside. Let me explain why, Moon causes Sea Tides and during the Eclipse, it causes the waves in water and we Humans have 60% of water in our bodies which may cause a minor anxiety or emotional breakdown in few. Otherwise there is no need to have any sort of fear.

Wish you peace and Love!

Your Friend and Guide



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